Marijuana grinder

Why I Should Grind My Marijuana?

Lit Dispensary

Marijuana is really the dried bud of the cannabis plant. As a bud, it comes in clumps, which don´t necessarily burn smoothly. To be placed into a joint or a pipe it needs to be broken up. And while one can break it up by hand, it’s still often clumpy. Clumps don’t burn well and while of course, one will still get high, it isn’t as high as it could be if one smoked ground cannabis. The grinder should be available in any Denver marijuana dispensary.

Point of a Grinder

So, in order to make a really good joint, one needs a grinder to break the bud up into fine pieces. Once the marijuana is in fine pieces, it´s much easier to roll the joint, or place it in whatever other smoking apparatus. The material will burn better, giving the user a much more potent high from the THC. Ground cannabis can also be used to consume cannabis in other ways. If one wants to make edibles, simply heating cannabis in butter or any other cooking oil results in the oil-absorbing the THC. It happens more quickly if the cannabis has been ground. The oil, which now contains THC can be sprinkled on or in food and is a safe way to consume cannabis.

Another Option

Or one can take cannabis that has been ground, heat it in the oven, and then place it in hard liquor. After soaking for a few days in the hard liquor, one has a cannabis tincture. The cannabis tincture is so strong one needs to only place the liquid in one´s mouth to get high as it can be absorbed by the cheeks.

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