Pros and Cons of a Dab Pen

Lit Dispensary

Dab pens are tools that convert solid THC concentrates – known as dabs – into inhalable vapors. Dab pens are technically a subset of wax pens, which use wax THC concentrates. However, dab pens differentiate themselves from both wax pens and vape pens by being the only pen suitable for processing dabs. First-time dab users should be mindful of the pros and cons associated with dabbing.

Dab Pen Benefits

Dab pens can operate at a higher temperature than wax pens and vape pens. The dabs that dab pens process can be applied to traditional dabbing rigs as well. And dab pens provide its users to customize their experience by varying the temperatures or concentrates associated with the dabbing experience.

Dab Pen Issues

Dab pens are often more expensive than wax pens and vape pens, with dab pens ranging from $20 to $100. Dab pens also require a significant amount of upkeep to keep them operational, sanitary, and clean, and the materials associated with this upkeep increase the cost of a dabbing experience. And dab pens are not discrete, which may reduce the times and places where cannabis consumers can safely and legally dab.

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