Cannabis Is More Than THC and CBD Levels

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Cannabis Is More Than THC and CBD Levels

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Two of the most important pieces of information for marijuana products are their THC levels and their CBD levels. However, these are not the only two factors that marijuana users should consider when selecting their marijuana products. Customers will have a variety of experience levels, effort levels they’re willing to exert, and other factors that will influence their cannabis experience. Marijuana consumers should be aware of their needs and wants, and they should seek the advice of knowledgeable budmasters to ensure a safe and pleasant marijuana experience.

The Form of the Marijuana Product Is Crucial

Marijuana is available in a variety of forms, each with their own properties, advantages, and issues. Most of these factors are completely independent of their THC and CBD concentrations. Marijuana users seeking an immediate effect should select products that the body swiftly absorbs, such as tinctures, cigarettes, and concentrates. Different types of marijuana products leave different publicly-detectable signs, such as smoke odors, specialized equipment, and conspicuous forms and packaging; marijuana users desiring subtlety may prefer edibles and beverages. Marijuana product types have varying shelf lives due to their forms and the containers associated with storing them; products such as edibles and lotions are lower-maintenance to store than flowers and cigarettes, for example. And marijuana products offer multiple scents and flavors, which can allow users to customize their marijuana experience, especially with forms that have distinct scents or flavors such as flowers, edibles, and beverages.

Lit has two marijuana dispensary locations in Denver: Federal Boulevard and Broadway. Both locations offer a variety of marijuana products with multiple kinds of THC and CBD concentrations. Our experienced staff will be happy to recommend products that are best-suited for both new marijuana users and long-time users. Feel free to fill out our online form, email us, or visit one of our two locations to learn more about marijuana products and their properties.

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