The Senior Citizen Cannabis Consumers

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The Senior Citizen Cannabis Consumers

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Consumption of cannabis was not too long ago taboo, due to inaccurate propaganda from the war on drugs which started in the Nixon era. As cannabis legalization has spread, more senior citizens are openly purchasing cannabis. Before recreational cannabis was made legal in a number of states, one had to get a medical cannabis card to purchase cannabis. Now with recreational cannabis being made legal, there are a number of quality cannabis products one can purchase. Please check out your Denver marijuana dispensary.

Seniors and Cannabis

Many seniors have health issues that prevent them from smoking. But in states where cannabis is legal, one can buy gummies and other edible cannabis products.  And while a number of seniors of course are partaking in the pleasures of cannabis, many due to out of medical necessity. Cannabis reduces inflammation and is also a pain reliever. The THC in cannabis, which causes the high, offers substantially more pain and inflammation relief than CBD. THC also increases appetite. This is important for people who are being treated for certain illnesses such as cancer, HIV, and other serious illnesses that cause appetite loss. Seniors should consult their local medical marijuana dispensary.

Legalization Makes It Easier

The importance of the developing legal market is one can be assured of the effects of cannabis, as Indica causes more relaxation and sativa causes one to be more cerebral/think more. This is particularly important if one is taking cannabis for medical reasons. While both Indica and sativa can treat pain, for sleep related issues Indica is much better as it relaxes not just the brain but the body’s muscles.

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