How to use Cannabis without Smoking It?

How to use Cannabis without Smoking It?

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Some people dislike smoking, even though it’s the traditional way of using cannabis. If you dislike smoking or have a medical condition that prevents you from doing so, don’t worry. There are several other ways you can use cannabis without lighting up a joint.

Eat It

Edibles are a great way of using cannabis. Whether you go with the classic pot brownie or want to try something a little different, you’ll still be able to enjoy that great high without the smoke. There are gummies and other snacks infused with THC that are great for small on-the-go trips. If you want to really experiment, you’ll find entire cookbooks and even some television shows that focus on cooking with cannabis.

Pills and Tablets

Want to know exactly how much cannabis you are taking? The most precise way of knowing your dose is to use cannabis pills or tablets. These are taken just like you would take over-the-counter medication. This is an excellent way of using cannabis if you’re concerned about taking too much or want to control exactly how much you take every day. It’s also a very discrete method of using cannabis.

Topical Creams

There are creams and balms that contain cannabis. This is perhaps the best option for those who are using cannabis to treat the pain from arthritis and other conditions that affect the joints and muscles. You simply rub the cream right on the area that is affected. This method of using cannabis typically doesn’t cause a psychotropic high, either. It simply helps relieve pain.

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