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Cannabis Extracts

At Lit, we offer top quality products at reasonable prices, and that includes extracts.

There are several different types of marijuana extracts, including Marijuana Shatter, Rosin, Kief, Wax, Hash, and Live Resins. Here is a short description of each type:

  • Shatter – One of the most popular cannabis extracts in dispensaries today. The most common colors are yellow and golden orange. This extract has an amber glass transparency which is sometimes translucent with the consistency of thin peanut brittle.
  • Rosin – A clear, yellow-gold substance with a color like shatter but with more viscosity. Rosin is made with the entire cannabis bud, unlike hash which uses just the plant trichomes.
  • Kief – The most basic of the THC concentrates, kief it is a greenish-gold, powdery substance left behind after grinding up bud. The small reservoir at the bottom of a bud grinder is known as the kief catcher.
  • Wax – A semi-solid concentrate with a consistency like peanut butter or coconut oil. This is a stickier extract that is more opaque than shatter but produces a similarly powerful high.
  • Hash – A dark brown, compacted resin or kief made from bud trichomes. Although sticky, it breaks apart easily. Hash is made using high temperature and pressure to separate trichomes from the cannabis plant.
  • Live Resin – A sticky, wax-like concentrate which contains higher terpenes than any other type of concentrate because it is made from living plants. These live plants are flash frozen immediately after harvesting to help preserve the content that is lost during the curing and aging processes. Live resins contain more intense terpene flavors and aromas when compared to all other marijuana concentrates.