Cannabis Extracts

At Lit, we offer a wide variety of extracts for your dabbing pleasure.

There are several different types of marijuana extracts, including Wax and Shatter, Live Resin, Live Rosin, and more. Here is a short description of each type:

  • Wax – A semi-solid concentrate with various consistencies, including structures like butter, more liquid oils, and more. Though different in structure than shatter, it produces a similarly powerful high.
  • Shatter – One of the most popular cannabis extracts in dispensaries today. This extract has an amber glass transparency and can be either fully transparent or more opaque. The consistency is of thin peanut brittle or delicate glass.
  • Live Resin – Created from flash-frozen, still living plants, this concentrate is gaining popularity among seasoned smokers. Consistencies vary, with some looking like crystalline diamonds, and others having a soupier texture. Flash freezing the plants immediately after harvesting helps preserve the content that is lost during the curing and aging processes. Live resins contain more intense terpene flavors and aromas when compared to all other marijuana concentrates.
  • Live Rosin – While other concentrates use solvents in their extraction processes, Live Rosin is the purest concentrate, as it is solventless. Live Rosin uses the entire plant, similar to Live Resin, however, differently, Live Rosin uses a heated press to extract the concentrated THC. This creates a concentrate that is truest to the effects of the strain, with nothing except plant matter in the concentrate.
  • Kief – The most basic of the THC concentrates, kief is a greenish-gold, powdery substance left behind after grinding up bud. Many smokers capture kief in the small reservoir at the bottom of a bud grinder, known as the kief catcher.
  • Hash – A dark brown, compacted resin or kief made from bud trichomes. Although sticky, it breaks apart easily. Hash is made using high temperature and pressure to separate trichomes from the cannabis plant.