How to Grind Your Marijuana Without a Grinder

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How to Grind Your Marijuana Without a Grinder

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Using a grinder to grind marijuana is perhaps the easiest and least time-consuming method, but it is possible to grind marijuana without one of these tools. In fact, grinders are a fairly new invention when one considered that people have ground their marijuana for centuries. Here are a few different ways smokers can grind their marijuana using items most people have around the house.

Use a Knife

One of the oldest ways of grinding marijuana is to simply use a knife and a cutting board. It does take longer than using a grinder, but it’s very easy to do. Take a sharp knife and cut the marijuana into very small pieces. Note that if the knife is dull, more o the cannabis is going to stick to the blade.

Put it Through a Coffee Grinder

While this method does leave the user with a dirty coffee grinder that will need to be thoroughly cleaned before it can be used for its intended purpose, it does work. Coffee grinders can easily grind up marijuana. In fact, because they can hold a good amount of cannabis, they may actually work better for those who are grinding a lot of marijuana at once.

The Traditional Coin and Bottle Method

This method is one of the oldest used, but it does still work. Take a small bottle (most people use an empty pill bottle) and place the cannabis in it. Next, take a penny or a dime and clean it using rubbing alcohol or another disinfectant. Dry off the coin, then place it in the pill bottle and shake it. The coin will slam into the marijuana, grinding it down

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