The Best Marijuana for Beginners

If you’re new to marijuana, or haven’t consumed any in ages, the Lit team can provide you with information to make an educated decision about marijuana strains, dosage, and the benefits of cannabis for everything from insomnia to sparking creativity to pain relief.

For instance, Sativa is great for creativity and stimulates your mind while lifting you up. Indica is more for relaxation and sleep and is great for relieving pain and anxiety. Hybrids combine the best of both Sativa and Indica and give you a stable balance between the two, and CBD is your go-to for relieving chronic pain and inflammation. CBD doesn’t get you “high” so it can often be the best marijuana for beginners. Another option is to go with 1:1 CBD and THC products that have all the benefits of pain relief with a calming buzz to help you relax.

Different Ways to Consume Marijuana

These days, the best marijuana for beginners comes in several forms, and it really comes down to personal preference. You can:

  • Smoke it. This is the traditional way and can provide a very social experience. Some love the smell of burning weed, some don’t. You can roll a joint, pack it into a bong or pipe, or get creative and try some waterfalls or buckets.
  • Eat it. Edibles made with candy are tasty and don’t require any paraphernalia. You can pop one before a movie, nibble on them at home, or enjoy them with friends.
  • Taste it. Tinctures are concentrated drops that go under your tongue for faster absorption. Many CBD and THC products can be consumed this way, and it’s a great option for daily CBD use.
  • Vape it. Many electronic cigarettes (with no tobacco) use CBD and THC products. If you like the feeling of inhaling your substances but don’t love the smell or feel of smoking marijuana, this may be the option for you.