So What Is Kief?

Lit Dispensary

Kief is the most important part of the marijuana plant for cannabis consumers. Advanced cannabis consumers can extract kief from flowers to greatly enhance the effects of other cannabis products or transform the kief into hash.

The Importance of Kief

Kief is the crystals on the surface of cannabis flowers. Kief contains the cannabinoids and terpenes that give marijuana plants their unique smell, flavor, and composition of THC and CBC. Kief discourages herbivores from consuming the marijuana plant because of its chemicals. The aromas that kief emit also attract animals that benefit the marijuana plant such as pollinating insects and predators to ward off herbivores.

Using Kief

Cannabis consumers can extract kief by grinding cannabis flowers and catching the kief with sifters. Topping a cannabis bowl with kief enhances the potency of the cannabis product. Consumers who smoke marijuana joints can achieve a similar effect by adding kief to the joint. Converting kief into hash by applying heat and pressure changes its effects, taste, and color. Kief is also a vital component to transform nugs into “moonrocks,” highly potent marijuana products. And adding kief to cannabutter increases the potency of edibles.

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