Vapes: Cartridges and Disposable Vapes

There’s a lot to love about marijuana vape pens. They’re easy to use, extremely portable and discreet, and allow you to easily control your high with easy dosing. Since vapes are discreet, they’re perfect for on-the-go cannabis consumers who appreciate quality products.

There are two options when selecting a vape: disposables and cartridges. While each of these options has merit, they’re different products that accommodate different lifestyles.

Disposable Vapes vs. Cartridges/ Pens

Disposables. Disposable vapes are perfect for the casual cannabis user. These pens are an all-in-one, battery and cartridge, filled with cannabis oils such as distillate or live resin. They are intended to be thrown away once they are depleted, which is why they are considered disposable. These are ideal for situations where portability is the most important factor. While disposable vapes are extremely convenient, they don’t offer long-term use.

Cartridges/ pens. Cartridges are glass containers that are pre-filled with cannabis oil. Cartridges can vary from distillate up to live rosin, giving users the opportunity to find the exact high they are looking for. Vape cartridges are intended to work in conjunction with a vape battery, and when used together, users often refer to their product as a vape pen. Cartridges are typically used on pen batteries with a 510 thread, however, there are also cartridges that require specific batteries for use. 

Most batteries have variable voltage options, meaning users can choose the temperature that the battery will burn the cartridge at. Lower temperature hits will be tastier with a smaller smoke cloud. Higher temperatures will produce a large smoke cloud and is helpful when the cartridge is running low on product.