Using Hemp Wicks Instead of Lighters

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Using Hemp Wicks Instead of Lighters

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Hemp wicks are cords of hemp covered with beeswax, which slows the rate at which the hemp burns. Hemp wicks serve as a natural alternative to traditional lighters for cannabis smokers, especially for those who use bongs or pipes. Cannabis users should be aware of the benefits and issues associated with hemp wicks to maximize the enjoyment of their marijuana experience.

Benefits of Hemp Wicks

Hemp wicks are an inexpensive alternative to lighters; buying hemp wicks in bulk or creating homemade hemp wicks lower costs even further. Hemp wicks do not involve noxious gases which can compromise the smell and taste of the cannabis product. Hemp burns at lower temperatures, which reduces the potential of heat damage to the bowl or burn injuries to the cannabis user. And hemp wicks have a lower environmental impact than traditional lighters.

Issues Associated with Hemp Wicks

The ignition process is slightly more complicated with hemp wicks than it is with traditional lighters. This complexity can be exacerbated by an intense high, so hemp wick users should practice proper usage prior to consuming the cannabis product.

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