So How Exactly Do I Dab?

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Dabbing is a way of vaporizing concentrated cannabis residue or extracts with a torch and certain other tools. These extracts are available at a marijuana dispensary near you in Denver. One needs a glass smoking apparatus to do so. The extracts can be as high as 80 percent THC. It’s a quick way to get the effects of THC. The complete set of tools one uses are the nail, where one places the extract, the dabber which one uses to place the extract on the hot nail, the dome which covers the nail, and the water pipe.

Next Steps

After buying the equipment one needs to season the nail to get rid of any residual chemicals from the manufacturer. Place some water on the nail to dissolve these chemicals. Then simply heat the nail with the torch. After it cools down the residual chemicals will be gone, and the nail is safe for its first use.

Do You Need Special Tools?

Any random kitchen blowtorch will do fine. After it cools, you can assemble the apparatus of the nail, the dome, and the water pipe. Obviously add the water. Then use the dabber to place the cannabis extract on the nail. Use the torch to heat the extract and then smoke. The high-temperature dabs give a much more potent THC punch for cannabis connoisseurs.

Of course, this is the 21st century, one can buy electric nail dabs that use electricity to heat the extract. Simply purchase an electric nail and follow the assembly and use instructions in the package. You should similarly just heat the electrical nail for its first use (no water for obvious reasons). Ask your favorite marijuana dispensary in Denver for more information

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