Marijuana Tinctures

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Marijuana Tinctures

Marijuana tinctures are alcohol-infused solutions that quickly absorb into users’ bloodstreams. Their potency and quick effects make them a favorite cannabis form for experienced users. However, due to their potency and a short time to affect the user, marijuana consumers must proceed with caution.

Making the Tincture
Marijuana consumers will need alcohol, a strainer, a jar, and a marijuana bud. Alcoholic solutions with high proofs are preferable, as marijuana will break down more easily. (Be sure that the alcohol is fit for human consumption, which would rule out moonshine and isopropyl alcohol.) The ideal tincture concentration should be 750 milliliters of alcohol for every ounce of marijuana. Grind or decarboxylate the flower. Place the treated flower and the alcohol in the jar, then mix the two materials together. Close the jar, then shake the jar once per day for two weeks. Pour the solution through the strainer (alternately, a coffee filter will work well).

Applying the Tincture
The quickest way to apply the tincture is to use a dropper to place a 1-milliliter drop under the tongue. If a tincture user does not achieve the desired effect, the tincture user should gradually increase the amount at a rate of 1 milliliter per day until the tincture has the desired effect. Tinctures can also be applied to a variety of food and beverages; note that the act of consuming the tincture will increase the time between application and effect.

Lit Dispensaries sell a variety of marijuana flowers and extracts which can be utilized for homemade tinctures. Our budmasters can also answer questions and provide advice to ensure that customers have pleasant experiences with their tinctures.

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