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Guide to CBD Transdermal Patches

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One of marijuana’s strengths is the number of consumable forms it can take. For users seeking alternates to orally consumed forms, CBD transdermal patches are a potential answer. Customers can apply the patch for long-lasting diffusion of cannabinoids.

How CBD Transdermal Patches Work

CBD transdermal patches operate similarly to nicotine patches; the customer places the patch on a clean, bare section of their skin. The patch delivers the cannabinoids directly to the customer’s bloodstream. Transdermal patches apply the cannabinoids gradually throughout the day, eliminating the need for multiple applications during the day. However, transdermal absorption can be slow, especially when compared to quick-acting marijuana forms such as tinctures.

Optimizing the Effects of a CBD Transdermal Patch

To maximize the absorption from a CBD transdermal patch, customers should place the patch on a soft part of the skin. Parts of the body best suited for the CBD transdermal patch include the back of the neck, the lower thigh, and the lower back. Customers should apply patches only in safe environments with adequate resources – such as access to food and beverages – to handle any unexpected side-effects of the patch. Customers currently taking medications should talk to their primary care providers to determine if any of their medications will have adverse reactions to cannabinoids. And the chemicals in CBD transdermal patches facilitate absorption directly into the bloodstream; this makes it crucial that the skin is free of contaminants such as sweat or dirt.

Lit Dispensaries sell multiple cannabis products designed for transdermal absorption. Our budmasters can answer questions and assist customers with locating a product that best meets their needs. Please feel free to contact us by filling out our online form, calling our Federal Boulevard, or calling our Broadway location.

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