What’s the Difference? – Blunts, Joints, Spliffs

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What’s the Difference? – Blunts, Joints, Spliffs

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Marijuana comes in many forms. Media has taught entire generations that there are joints and blunts, and bongs—but they never bothered to inform the public about the differences. Blunts, joints, and the European spliffs, are the most common ways to smoke bud flower, outside of using a rig like a bong or a pipe. The differences between all of them comes in the form of their outsides and their insides. Oh yeah; joints and blunts aren’t the same thing, so learn the difference before you head to a party. (Or stay home and have a better time.)

Blunts: The Bigger, Badder, Joint

Okay, so they aren’t a joint, but movies have told us that they are basically the same. The contents of blunts is normally just cannabis, unless the roller has added something with more potency, like hash or shatter, to the mix. Blunts are known for being bigger than joints, and they are wrapped in brown paper. This brown paper is tobacco paper, the same paper that is wrapped around cigars.

Joints: The Smaller, Most Common Option

This is the type that we can all recognize. Small cigarette type rolls, with a twist at one side and a point at the other. These are normally filled with just cannabis, as they are small, and the roll needs to be able to close. Some joints also have a filter on one side, which helps protect your fingers from burning when the joint gets low.

Spliffs: The European Cross Over

Spliffs are very rare in the United States, they just never really caught on. Unlike blunts and joints, spliffs are normally split between part cannabis and part tobacco. This combination creates a head rush before delivering a mellow high. These are also rolled in white cigarette paper, and usually have a filter on one side.

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