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CBD Transdermal Patches

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Marijuana comes in a lot of different forms and potencies and varieties. Not everyone likes to smoke their flowers, but not everyone likes to eat or drink it either. For those who want a long-lasting diffusion of effects, there are always CBD patches to explore. No trace outside of the patch itself and your long lasting high.

CBD transdermal patches are nearly the same thing as nicotine patches. They both are applied to the skin, and (in the case of the CBD patch) cannabinoids are absorbed directly into the blood stream. This allows for a long-lasting effect, but it is not quick. It takes a good portion of time to begin to work, but once it does, it can be gradually adjusted through the day through more or less applications. The best areas to place these patches, for the best effects, is on the back of the neck, the lower thigh, or the lower back. We also suggest placing these patches on earlier than you plan, the worse that can happen is you get high before you planned (and how can that be bad?). Make sure to have access to plenty of food and drinks when it does start.

Lit Dispensaries sell all of your marijuana needs, including your best options for CBD patches. We have two locations, one on Federal Boulevard, and the other on South Broadway; and both are open seven days a week. Contact us with any question that you have or explore our blog page to read more about your favorite pastime.

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