Are You New to Vaping?

Lit Dispensary

Vaping is a discrete method of intaking marijuana, and the advent of vaping pens makes vaping a portable option. However, first-time vapers should seek advice on how to vape safely. The budmasters at our marijuana dispensaries will answer vaping questions to help consumers get the most out of their vaping sessions.

Materials Required for Marijuana Vaping

To intake marijuana by vaping, a marijuana consumer needs four components:

  • Dry Herbs: Lit Dispensaries sells various suitable cannabis flowers at our Federal Boulevard and Broadway marijuana dispensaries. We also sell vaping cartridges for cannabis consumers who wish to reduce the setup involved in a vaping experience.
  • Grinder: Breaking down dry herbs results in quicker, more effective burning as well as releasing the active chemicals associated with marijuana’s “highs.”
  • Cleaning Accessories: Tools such as brushes and stir tools will help maintain the vaping equipment’s condition and sanitation.
    Important Safety Considerations

Our budmasters will gladly give customers instructions on how to vape safely. Below are some of the most important aspects to remember:

  • Sanitize the vaporizer before each use. Failure to do so can contaminate or degrade the smell and taste of cannabis.
  • Do not try to pack cannabis into a hot vaporizer. Ensure that the vaporizer is off and not hot to prevent burn injuries.
  • Use a grinder instead of hands to grind the cannabis. Grinding by hands causes many of the cannabis’ active chemicals to rub off on the hands.
  • Clean the vaporizer after each use but ensure that the vaporizer is off and not hot.

Lit Dispensaries in Denver, Colorado, sells vape products at both the Federal Boulevard and Broadway locations. Please feel free to contact us by filling out our online form. Customers can call our Federal Boulevard recreational and medicinal marijuana dispensary at (303) 455-9333 or our Broadway recreational marijuana dispensary (720) 420-4444.

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