How To Smoke Shatter

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Shatter marijuana is one of the most popular extracts used and sold in dispensaries today. It normally comes in orange or a gold color, with amber qualities. It is sometimes translucent, and it tends to have a peanut brittle consistency. This is not a soft or gel type extract. Because of the concentration of marijuana in it, it contains more than 60% THC. Now compare that with the natural 20% of marijuana bud and you can see why it is popular.

There are a few possible ways to smoke shatter, including with a smoking rig or without one. The most popular option is using an oil rig. It looks similar to a bong, with a vertical tower, but it involves heating a nail, combusting the oil and then inhaling the resulting smoke. If you do choose to smoke shatter with a rig, do so with an electric rig, it’s safer and easier to clean between dabs.

In contrast, you can also choose to smoke shatter without a rig. If you’ve ever rolled a joint, you can break up some of the shatter and put it in with the crushed bud. This is one of our favorite ways to do it because it lets the shatter burn and release THC without burning all of it away before it can enter your lungs.

You can also smoke it via a pipe, in the same way that you do traditional bud, but it can be tricky to clean up after. You can always put it into the bowl of a bong too—but make sure to use a screen in the bowl and a torch lighter because it can take a minute for the shatter to start burning well. For more on everything marijuana, give our blog a read.

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