New Warning Labels & Packaging for Concentrate Products

New Warning Labels & Packaging for Concentrate Products


The information on the label of a cannabis concentrate product is essential. It conveys to the customers the ingredients they should be aware of, including the THC level if there is any in the product.

Each state has its own rules governing the growing, distributing, and selling of cannabis products. Packaging policies can also vary by state but there are some common regulations. Recently, there has been a push for new warning labels and packaging information for concentrate products.

For example, California updated Proposition 65 to require that companies selling cannabis products with THC content put a warning on the label about reproductive harm.

Colorado has also begun to change some of its laws surrounding cannabis concentrate products. There is a law, House Bill 1317, that will require the Marijuana Enforcement Division in the state to create new rules regarding the labeling of marijuana concentrate products. The law also pushes for more in-depth warnings on the packaging and clear, standard serving sizes. These new rules are not yet in effect but they may take effect sometime in 2022. When that happens, expect to see the labels and warnings on your cannabis concentrate products visually change somewhat.

The contents you know and love should remain the same, though, so you don’t have to worry about that changing.

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