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How to Use a Cannabis Oil Vape Pens

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Cannabis oil vape pens are an easy way to smoke. They are similar to e-cigarettes in that the vape pen acts as an atomizer that heats up the cannabis oil cartridge, allowing the user to inhale the smoke without the need for matches or a lighter.

Parts of a Vape Pen

A standard vape pen contains fourth parts. The internal battery, which powers the pen, is connected to a USB charging section. Customers can plug any standard USB charging cable into this section to recharge the pen. The cartridge, which contains the cannabis oil in a solid form. When the pen is activated, it heats up, melting the solid oil and pushing it up through the exhaust. All three of these parts are held within a shell that keeps the user from coming into contact with the heating element in the battery. The front of this shell either comes off or has some form of opening to switch out cartridges.

Using a Vape Pen

To use a vape pen, the user simply powers it on and waits a few seconds for it to heat up. Once it is heated, they inhale a small amount of the vapor, wait a few minutes, and inhale again. Experts do recommend users evaluate the first few puffs to determine how it is affecting them before adjusting the amount of vapor they inhale. For vape pens with multiple heat settings, users should begin with the lowest setting, especially when using a new cartridge, to avoid burning it.

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