Buyers Guide for Weed Cartridge (Vape Pen) Batteries

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Buyers Guide for Weed Cartridge (Vape Pen) Batteries

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The weed cartridge batteries are certainly the least glamorous part of the experience but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put any thought into your purchases. Quality weed cartridge batteries are an investment that will improve your experience and help you save money in the long term. Here’s what you should consider while buying weed cartridge batteries.


The more power the weed cartridge battery is, the richer and full the vape clouds will be. If you’re not looking for strong high, weaker battery cartridges might be the way to go. They’re suitable for beginners, too. If a powerful high is more your speed, go for a high-powered battery cartridge.

Another element related to the power of the weed cartridge batteries is how long they hold their charge and how quickly they charge. Clearly, a battery that doesn’t take long to charge but stays charged for a long time is the best option. Do some research to find out what weed cartridge batteries are best when it comes to charging.


It’s always important to check that the thread of weed cartridge batteries you select is compatible with the cartridge you have. You don’t want to bring home your batteries just to find out they won’t work with your cartridge.

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