How Does Cannabis Get Their Strain Names?

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How Does Cannabis Get Their Strain Names?

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Many customers wonder how cannabis strains get named. There are some very interesting names out there, some of which seem almost like a joke. Other names seem very obvious and make perfect sense. So how do these strains get their names, and are there any regulation or rules they must follow?

They’re Named After their Place of Origin

Many strains are named offered where they were originally grown. Colombian Gold, for example, originated in Colombia. While these strains aren’t always grown in the country they are named after, that is typically where the strain came from.

They’re Named After the Scent

Others are named after what they smell or taste like. A strain that has orange or blueberry in its name is likely going to taste like those fruits. Blackberry Sherbert will have hints of eating that frozen dessert, while Blueberry Headband has a nice blueberry smell to it.

The Name Comes from the Strains Used to Create Them

Cannabis breeders who are creating a new strain often combine the names of the two cannabis strains used. For example, Chem Brulee is a hybrid strain created by breeding the Copper Chem strain with the Lemon Brulee strain. The result has traits of both. Sometimes these names are fairly obvious, but that’s not always the case. Blue Dream, for example, is a mix of Blueberry and Haze.

There are no real hard rules breeders must follow when naming a new strain, and many simply make up names that they like or that they believe will be easy to market. Customers can always ask about a particular name if they’re interested to learn about its origins

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