how to smoke a blunt

How to Smoke a Blunt

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Blunts or joints are common ways to consume marijuana. Creating and smoking blunts can be cheap and simple; a marijuana bud, rolling paper, a filter, and a match are all that is required. However, rolling and smoking blunts requires practice and coordination.

Rolling the Blunt

  1. Grind a small bud into a slightly coarse consistency. Both large pieces and powder will lead to uneven burning.
  2. Place a piece of rolling paper on a steady surface with the glue side facing up. The glue should run horizontally.
  3. Place a filter on the right side of the rolling paper.
  4. Spread the ground cannabis in the center of the rolling paper.
  5. Gently lift the wrapping paper and briefly lick the paper’s glue.
  6. Form the rolling paper into a U-shape. The goal is to create an even line of cannabis.
  7. Gently roll the paper into a tube. The less air between the cannabis and the paper, the better that the smoke experience will be.

If the blunt has been rolled properly, no cannabis will fall out of the blunt when the blunt is held vertically.

Smoking the Blunt

  1. Put the filtered end in the mouth.
  2. Ignite the other end with a lighter or a match.
  3. Lightly suck air through the joint twice, then pause.

Blunts are not cigarettes; blunt users need to stop between puffs to let the cannabis take effect.

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